For those who dont know me I am Stephen Goodall AKA Kev Bishfield, Bonze, Barrel, The Bishfield Express, The Notorious Bishy Mac, Colin McGregor.

Colin McGregor

Right as many of you know I have been given a year off work to go and travel the world (most of the details are on the homepage).

Basically I am doing some mooching round Asia before going into Australia trying to find a job and fight a few snakes and spiders. I am not sure what I am going to be doing yet, basically turning up in Melbourne and seeing what happens.

And yeah i have let Kayleigh come with me so I will try and get a few cheeky videos on of me winding her up along the way, I am sure you will enjoy that.cry laughing

MK Warsaw
Warsaw Old Town

I know alot of people are going to be glad to see the back of me, so if that is you stop reading the website ya fucking loser. But for all those who are going to miss me I will try and keep this up to date.

Don’t miss me too much though yeah. Get a grip, you can still wotsapp me obviously don’t ring or text I am not fucking made of money.

Alternatively if you really need to get in touch just pop a message in the box below.