Happy New Year from Melbourne

Well everyone back home hasnt stopped pestering me.

“Mate, when are going to put another blog post up?” And I am sick of hearing it. So I thought what better way to see out 2019 than with another blog post for you, my biggest fans.

Lived in Melbourne for 4 month now had some great times and some bad times its been a bumpy ride to say the least. We have lived in 5 different places and had 2 jobs each. We have been to Mornington Peninsula, Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley Wine Tasting, Grampians. There is far too much to write about, I cant even remember whats happened basically I got off a flight blinked and it now New Years Eve!!!!

Heres a quick overview of whats gone on….

The double champ turned up, and I got to see The Undertaker and HHH go toe to toe in the biggest fight of this year.

Had some of mental nights out…


Went to the Melbourne Cup but only put one bet on, it lost.


Shelby turned up!!!!

So did Vince!!!

Drank the Yarra Valley dry…


Met some crazy people and had a Christmas I will never forget. Even the works Christmas Party was a pool party, my type of shit. Smashed Elrow clean out of the park it felt proper Christmassy.

Them Ens’ These Ens’ Yous Ens Ussens…..



When I set off 6 month ago I was in the best shape of my life lightest I had ever been. Now I am the fattest I have been in a long time hahahaha. It looks like I will need to get my Tyson Fury on next year!

Lets see what 2019 has to offer!!! UP THE FUCKING BORO!!!!

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