So after our first night out in Melbourne it was moving day. From the Ibis to United Backpackers. Unfortunately check out was 10am and we were quite rough but managed to drag ourselves out of bed at half 9 and pack our clobber for the next stage of our journey living in a dormitory 😐. Fortunately it is only a 4 bed dorm, and when we arrived we were in and out before our new neighbours checked in. We are in here for the next 2 weeks so ideally we need jobs this week so that we can look for a nice place in a house.

Due to Kayleigh being very hungover we didn’t do anything major on the Saturday, just got settled into the dorm and started looking for places to stay more permanent. So we booked in a few viewings of different accommodation for the next day. One of the properties was the same way as St. Kilda so we headed off up there on the Sunday afternoon to watch the UFC. Found a nice little Irish Bar called The Fifth Province and we got a Sunday dinner and watched Tyron Woodley V Darren Till. It was great news being able to wollop a nice dinner, my first one in 3 very long months.

The first place we went to view was for 3 months and it was a in a massive high rise apartment with views over Albert Park and we would have been sharing with another couple who we didnt know. It was also in between the Central Business District and St. Kilda but it was kind of in no mans land and we would need a tram to get either place.

We then went to view another place in Fitzroy which wasnt as nice as the first place but was right near Brunswick Street, the best place I can describe it is similar to Camden in London and we really liked the place but we didnt think the apartment was the best so we opted for neither in the end.


So for our first night out mingling in the Hostel we went down to play Boozy Bingo, basically it is just bingo with loads of daft rules and you get loads of free shots, jugs and decent prizes, the big one being 300 Dollars.

The lad who give the shots out was wandering about dressed as a woman with bunny ears on. One of the in game rules was if he shouts 16 and you run and kiss the Bingo Bunny you win a free shot. So there I was minding my own business when I hear “16” so I jumped up and dived on him whilst he was sat on the chair ready to plant the lips clean on for a free shot. Turned out he shouted 60 😂 yeah Sixty. So unfortunately no free shot for me. I still see the lad wandering about the hostel now because he works here, I would like to say its a little awkward but it its not. Thats just how we roll in here. I think between us both we must of won about 3 shots each and 2 jugs with all the dft rules.

Then was the last Bingo minigame.

At the end the game was one person per table no more info. Kayleigh stood up like a man and was counted. A few minutes later rules were revealed.

First person back with a woman’s bra, a pair of man’s boxer shorts, and a set of bunny ears wins.

I find myself stripped naked boxies above my head on the dancefloor all of my own doing. Voluntarily.

After doing this some divvy tried to snatch my jeans and run off. But let’s be fair a man voluntarily stands up. On the dancefloor of his own accord. Voluntarily whips off his shoes, jeans and boxer shorts in a room full of people. Is there any need to drag the jeans out of his hands?? He already has no self respect.

Anyway he apologised and fortunately I let it lie. Being such an incredible person.

The funny thing is this is not the first time I have been involved in that game and my team won last time 😂 Very similar turn of events and that was about 10 year ago. Think its about time I grew up.

The last round was music bingo when everyone got up on the Dancefloor and marked off all of the different songs. WE ONLY WON THE BIG PRIZE 300 BUCKS!!!! UP THE BORO!!!

I am writing this now on Friday and we still have some money left, enough for a nice bit of food and a few drinks tomorrow so basically we have pretty much had a free week, got a big of shopping in and plenty of ale.

Then we went out to a few other bars the lads from the hostel took us with happy hours and cheap drinks so we tucked into a few more beverages before getting in at daft o clock.


The next day we had a little sleep in and the weather was nice and we booked in another apartment viewing at St. Kilda this was living with another bloke called Eugene. The location was perfect right near the main street in St. Kilda with restaurants and bars called Ackland Street. Anyway we would have took that flat but someone else offered to pay more money than it was advertised so he went with them. That is exactly what I would have done in all fairness.

We spent most of that day in St. Kilda just chilling at the beach and going to see the Penguins again and spent some of our winnings.

Wednesday – Interview and Quiz

On Wednesday I had an interview at Hayes. Went up nice big high rise in the city centre, I like doing that. Makes me feel proper big time. It wasnt even for an actual job it was just so they had a chance to meet me and could put me forward for jobs. Anyway that went well.

We then went to meet another couple from Boro!! El and Lou they are also here gallivanting around the place. You can always find people from Boro everywhere. So went went to the quiz night and having won the last quiz I was in I was feeling pretty confident. Turns out that confidence was extremely misplaced.

But we did have the best team name in the house Quizlamic State! Or as I like to call is QIZIS.

Boro Posse

We didnt even manage 3rd place. But those who won were 100% cheating, we know this because we spoke to them afterwards, they were from Sheffield and thick as fuck. Like I am actually surprised they won by cheating, like I didnt think they would be able to spell whatever they needed to write in google to cheat. So fair play to them 😂 .

We then mooched around a load of bars near by looking for some Karaoke but we struggled to find anywhere and settled for a few games of pool in this other bar followed by a cheeky McDaves.

Thursday – Another Interview

Thursday I had a telephone interview for a job in a bank in Sydney. I only actually applied for the one job in Sydney an Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring Analyst. So basically I woke up rough and sat researching everything I could about money laundering. Took the telephone interview and was successful, the only issue is if the bank will continue to take working holiday visas!!!

I am quite far through the process now and fingers crossed if this comes off we could be off to Sydney in the next few weeks. #PrayForMe

Could turn out a stroke of luck we didnt manage to find an apartment here I could have Financial Crime to fight!


Its now Friday and we are off to Fitzroy tonight to celebrate Kayleigh has got a job on reception started today so I am just on my own all day. So I have time to bring you all fully up to date on the Blog.



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