NO posts from the last week in Bali because after stomach infection then being attacked by former UFC Champion RASHad Evans I basically spent 5 days off the drink and 4 Sat in the room. Nothing special happened other than a trip to the waterpark on the last day.

But after 2 incredible months living the dream we finally touched down in Melbourne, Melly fucking B. Or as I prefer to call it Melsborough 😂😂. No place like home. Hopefully they have an estate called Grove Mill. Il move straight in.

Honestly I wrote that 2nd paragraph in Ubud about 3 weeks ago. I was tanked up in the toilet thinking about the blog and I thought that’s a cracker of an introduction to Melbourne. And I recorded that shit immediately. I know I am very articulate and well written but seriously these blogs are that high quality I couldn’t have written any better myself… Oh.

Anyway it gets down to the serious shit now after a 7 hour flight and waiting for hours before we could actually check in we had alot of stuff to get sorted. We needed a bank account and a tax file number. At 20 dollars for a bevvy I need work and quick 😂.

We are already having a whitey because it is absolutely baltic. And we only brought summer clothes 😂. So first on the agenda is some shopping.

My first thoughts on arrival from the bus was it looks class we could see all of the skyscrapers off in the distance. Then when we got off the bus it kind of felt like a cross between America and London with big buildings and wide streets although it was really quiet at 7am on a Sunday morning. We walked down one street and I seen a bloke who looked recked then realised there was a few people still up one of the nightclubs was still going!!! I said to Kayleigh let’s get these bags dropped off and get in there. She wasn’t very amused 😂😂

The hunger pangs kicked in and I done the only thing I know at that hour of the morning in a new city. Double sausage and egg McMuffin. Diet definitely starts tomorrow 😂 Day 1 was always going to be a write off.

After a little more strolling around we found an outdoor area with heating lamps which reminded me abit of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. So far it has a mix of some really good cities and I have a really good feel about the city everything seems class. Luckily when we got to the hotel we could check in straight away so it was a few hours kip before some more exploration of the city.

Whilst Kayleigh was asleep I had the biggest stroke of luck. I checked to see if any additional tickets had been released for WWE Melbourne. The last ever match between HHH and The Undertaker. I checked a while ago when i first seen it on but the only remaining tickets were 2000 dollars. This time I managed to bag us 2 for 80. Buzzing. The 10 year old me would have had the biggest chuffy on ever 🤣🤣. I don’t think Kayleigh was too impressed when she woke up and told her thats how we would be spending next Saturday night 😂. I actually can’t wait it has other legends booked in I read Shawn Michael’s is going to be there so is Shane McMahon and Ronda Rousey is definitely in. If The Rock or Stone Cold turn up it will be the best night of my life. Even if Vince McMahon strolls down. The possibilities are endless.

***After buying these thinking it was this Saturday I realised it is not even this month it is the first Saturday in October 🤣. Still mint though!!!

That day we headed out just to have a look around the place we also needed to buy coats and things so we are suitably dressed. Pretty close to the antarctic over this neck of the woods. Then we just had something to eat and an early sleep. We brought in some healthy breakfast food to start sorting our lives out abit. I am up first thing in the morning for a run down the river.

Day 2

This morning we both got up early and went for a run down the river, it was a nice run with great views of the city. We then headed off and set up our Australian bank accounts. We chose commonwealth bank for no particular reason.

That afternoon we went on the Melbourne walking tour and found out some interesting information about the history of Melbourne. The States of Victoria and Queensland are actually named after Queen Victoria as this was a requirement of the crown back in the day to name states after the Queen as she allowed them to become independent and self governed.

Also there is a park in Melbourne called Batman park. I thought that’s unusual I didn’t know any Batman was filmed here. It wasn’t. It’s actually named after a bloke called John Batman 😂😂. No shit. Apparently years ago in the 1800s a British bloke (British in ethnicity not politically) from Tazmania came over and bought some land off the Aboriginals. The Aboriginals had no concept of land ownership and took his money and let him crack on. John Batman believed he was one of the biggest land owners in the world. Unfortunately for Batman the British empire had other ideas. They said look Batman, this land belongs to the crown. We will let you live here and keep farming but it’s not yours. Now there is a park named after Batman. John Batman 😂😂. No shit Google it.

Then we headed round some of the street art. Street art is not graffiti apparently. Some nice pictures available anyway. We took some time to visit the food court and tried to squeeze some shopping in.

Here is the start of sunset by the Yarra..

Day 3

Today I got up early and headed off to join the new gym I had found near by. Called Doherty’s gym and it is a proper old skool no nonsense gym underneath a railway track that is basically 4 big long bunkers. A proper gym full of proper hard cases just like me 😂😂.

The new gym…

After a quick session it was back to sorting our lives out. We registered for a medicare card and got our Australian numbers sorted. I am still on wotsapp on my old number so should carry on messaging people as normal.

We then went off to the library. I applied for about 5 jobs in total so fingers crossed a decent paying position will come up in the next week or so. At the minute we have porridge for breakfast and live off 5 pound meals in food courts 😂.

We got really proud of our job applications so we took the city tram and went back down the riverside got some pictures took and went to the food court.

Tomorrow we are off for a mooch upto St.Kilda. We are being boring at the minute as we are trying to not blow our money on alcohol otherwise we will be on a flight back home very soon 😂.

Alot of the pictures are just off the city skyline but I after 3 days I still think it is an unbelievable view. The city is mint as it’s full of skyscrapers very clean but not too busy. It was the richest city in the world during the gold rush towards the end of the 1800s which is why it has so many good buildings.

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