Ubud, Rice Fields, Temples, Waterfall and Mount Batur

Ubud day tour

We risen up bright and early for our half day tour starting at 8:30am. The plan was get up and out early hopefully be tired when we got back. But I am not going to lie I didn’t feel very good at all when we started this. We headed to the rice fields, a few temples and a Waterfall with our private driver called Buddy.

This was mainly about going to the Rice fields and having a go on the swing and seeing the Waterfall with the temples thrown in for good measure.

The day was good all in all but I felt bad as a dog. I am not sure why because I had only had about 7 pints worth of Bintang the night before and that is nothing unusual for me over here. I think it was that and tiredness and just the last 2 month taking its toll on my body. I started to feel really bad after the rice fields as it was very hot and lots of steps. Fortunately I managed to survive the day without being sick however it was a close call when I went down to one knee in the Elephant temple 🐘. Then couldn’t sleep just laid awake for 2 hours panicking that at 2am I was doing a 2000 meter high trek up a volcano 🌋

Fortunately if nothing else it was a night off the drink which is very much needed. We went out for some food and a pre trek foot massage. All night my stomach felt really full and bloated and I couldn’t really sleep.

Here are some pictures from the day. If you think what’s that divvy doing in a dress, rest assured it was a requirement of the Temples to wear a Sarong. I haven’t just found myself 😂😂

Mount Fucking Batur

Now I don’t know about you but my idea of a holiday is not waking up at 2am in the morning and trecking up high altitude up one of the largest active volcanos at daft o clock, in the fucking freezing cold, while earthquakes galore have been kicking off just to see the sun rise. Yeah the same sun that rises every fucking day but we all sleep in for. Because we couldn’t give a fuck.

But Kayleigh was adamant this is a once in a lifetime opportunity we must not pass up. Yes this is Kayleigh Helen Bell who moans when she is too hot, too cold, feels sick, sweating, eating animals, not eating animals. Her feet hurt, her head hurts and she can’t breathe.

On this occasion however it was me with the complaining to do. I had felt sick for 2 days in the up and had barely any sleep and set off up. Genuinely I had no trouble physically with the climb but I was getting proper sickness feelings and stomach cramps all the way up with a bag on my back. Literally the only thing that give me the drive and determination to do it was not to be like one of them fannies off SAS are you tough enough. Who turn up to camp then drop out after half an hour circuit training 😂. Eventually I muscled through it in the cold dark of the night.

Anyway after the trek up to the top we were Sat in the clouds and didn’t even see the sunrise or views just the sun occasionally breaking out behind the clouds. Then began the descent which was also lovely I only fell over once. The views on the way down and hot steams from the volcano looked good although that was it for the day. We were supposed to go to a coffee plantation at 9am. Everyone on the bus came to the same consensus, no mate just take us home.

I put my video blog on Facebook to show you how I felt about it in the immediate aftermath. However it was something different to do than the normal going out and drinking every night and I think I would do something similar if I felt 100% fit and healthy on the day. I am writing this now on the night in bed and I have had to come back to the room because stomach cramps are crippling me all I have managed to eat since is abit of fruit.

Fingers crossed it can help me shift some of this extra clem before Australia 😂. I realised that when we get there it is going to be freezing and I have only night 1 pair of jeans, that I bought not long before we left with a 32 waist proper tight ones. Can’t wait to try them on!!

On another note I am now staying off the drink until I feel like I have made a full recovery and getting back to eating healthy. We go back to Legian tomorrow and have a have a much nice hotel for 5 nights with a gym, really need to get myself back on track. Probably won’t be upto much as but if anything good happens I will try to get a post up.

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