Mr Sippy and Mr Potatohead

Our remaining 2 days in Seminyak we wanted to sample a couple of the beach clubs. So first day we headed to Miss Sippy.

The best thing about Miss Sippy is that it has a high diving board which people jumped off so obviously had to do a cheeky bomb off the top. Kayleigh did one after me and I miss timed the special reversing out of the water video she made me take. She wasn’t happy but didn’t dare jump in again to get a better one 😂

I spent most of the day taking photos of Kayleigh floating on a bean bag. I literally took about 32 pictures from different angles and all sorts in 3 separate stints of being forced out of the pool to get her phone and take pictures. She didn’t like any of them. She kept wanting me to take more. Now call me old fashioned but I am a firm believer u can look bad in 1 or maybe 2 photos but if you can’t get a good one in 3 it’s very unfortunate but that is just how you happen to look. But away 30 just fucking deal with it 😂😂😂.

We spent most of the day just floating around the pool and got a pizza. Then went back floating on the bean bags. Floating on the bean bags Kayleigh informs me 6 until 7 is happy hour so after pissing about I got out n asked for a happy hour menu to crack on with. The waitress kindly informed me that happy hour has finished and was in fact 5 until 6. So we just got the bill and left I was delighted with missing happy hour. Just delighted.

Later the night we went to the same rooftop I was smashing guitar on the night before where fortunately enough it was happy hour so we sank a good few and watched the acoustic set. Then we found a Thai place on trip advisor so thought let’s go there and Polish off a cheeky curry. Went for the prawn massuman and the prawns come out fully kitted up heads and legs the lot. Can’t be arsed with that before a curry can ya. Anyway I wrestled my way through it in the end, the curry was actually banging just the prawn situation let it down although they were nice when ya stripped it naked.

Then we went off and found another bar close by I think it was a Korean themed bar and it was happy hour 10 until 11 so I was like what’s happy hour, basically it was roll the dice for a free one or pay odd and even. We both won, buzzing. It just shows that God even wants you to have another bevvy. We ended up getting an extra few after happy hour because the tunes were bouncing and the staff were bopping all over.

After this we went home early because we read Potatohead gets choker and you need to be there at half 9 for opening to get a bed. It’s important to get a bed so we set alarms for 8 and had to get up. Now that’s not a problem for me I can get up at 8 no bother, get up at 8 and run 10k first thing for a laugh. But not Kayleigh. She needs to set 6 alarms with snoozes in between. Then I have got to nudge her, shout at her, play loud music and physically drag her out of bed. And that is just to get her up at half 12.

Not to worry though, I have a plan. Scream “EARTHQUAKE GET OUT” at the top of my voice when the alarm goes off. I bet she is straight out of bed for this one 😂😂 (wrote in Lings Lings at 11:15 the night before I will let you know how it pans out below…)


So the alarm went off at 8am I was tired but knowing we had to be at potatohead bright and early I went for it aarrghh earthquake (see video above) 😂😂

It worked aswell 😂 she was soon up and about. We went for a spot of breakfast and got to the beach club for 9:30, it didn’t open until 10 and there was already a queue for day beds!!! Luckily there was still one available so we were sorted. Absolutely buzzing. But my motto has always been get there early and get tanked up.

But getting up at the crack of dawn to go and get tanked up all day. It’s practically like my full time job is now getting on it at beach clubs. We are looking at something like 55 days out of 57 on the drink 😂. Going to have to take a long hard look at my life once I land in Australia.

Anyway we got in and got our bed in a great spot row behind the pool. Then had a nap 😂.

Anyway straight after the nap it was time to get in the pool and get the beer ordered. It felt mint the tunes were bouncing beer in hand. Water was perfect temperature it felt like a dream.

Definately in the top 3 places I have been in Bali. Fucking love Bali been here almost 3 weeks now with Gili Islands being cancelled and still haven’t got bored.

Anyway we were having a great day it looked like some severe sunburn could be kicking in so we retreated into the shade for a few hours. The last hour of sunset we headed back into the pool to watch the sunset. We could tell it was going to be one of the best sunsets ever and I said to Kayleigh this is going to be mint this let’s just forget about the cameras and enjoy the sunset. After about 5 minutes she said nor I am going to get the camera 😂😂. Another motto: the gram is life.

To be fair I have to see the ins and outs of what everyone’s dogs, cats, kids, cups of teas, takeaways or night in the dickens is like they can watch my fuckin round the world trip and get their likes out. Yeah I am talking about you reading this ya DLC.

So we have plenty of pictures of the sunset just in case you wanted to see them.

After that we chilled in the pool it stated to get cold on a night and it got to the point we didn’t get out of the pool as it was too cold but the pool was nice so we hovered at the pool bar for a good few hours after sunset smashing the tab clean out of it. We started talking to these cockney lads who wolloped a few jagger bombs into us. Well we couldn’t let the boro down so we duly obliged until eventually we built up the courage to get out.

After a few more ales on the outside we realised we were both fucking lobsters. Red as the ace of hearts. So it was back to the room for a quick scrub and after sun job. 3 applications of aftersun tonight.

Then we went to Ling Lings again and got some tacos and a few more beverages before going back to bed.

Our last night on Seminyak as we go to Ubud tomorrow. Stay tuned for the Ubud posts and tell all your friends to get on the blog.

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