After Canggu we arrived that morning in Seminyak. This is supposed to be the more upmarket end of Bali with decent clubs and music. The reason for staying here was for Potatoehead and Mrs Sippy. My life now mainly consists of going to beach clubs and thinking which beach club should I go to next, it’s great.

Our first morning we went for breakfast at a place called KYND that sorted me out with a phenomenal smoothie bowl. Then we went back to the hotel. We were supposed to check in at 2 but lazy bastards didn’t get sorted til half 2 so we had to sit round the pool waiting, I know absolute nightmare.

That night we went to a Mexican called Motel Mexicola. We stood in the hotel saying how fat we had got on the trip from eating and drinking every day. So as you would we arrived at the Mexican and opted for not 2, not 3, not 4 courses. No not even 5 courses. 6 fuckin courses πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. Was nice though but I got that full I couldn’t really move and we had to go for a walk. Anyway we went to a place called Char Char and got a nice cocktail to let it settle. We didn’t want to go to wild though because we were up early for a heavy one at potato head.

After the cheeky cocktail Kayleigh needed a pedicure so I went in with her and got a foot massage. The man who worked for the shop called me darling 3 times I was very alarmed. The funnies part of all this was during Kayleighs pedicure her big toe nail wouldn’t clip. When it did eventually clip it broke the nail clippers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The man working on it actually said he needs a chainsawπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ midway through the foot massage/ pedicure I am sure it was the toe nail landing on the floor it was that big and heavy it caused another earthquake in Lombok.

Mid foot massage the staff looked at us and went quick then I realised the floor was shaking so we all ran out the front to check the building. Fortunately it was okay but another massive earthquake had hit Lombok. After this we went back to the hotel and just chilled but we were sure we could still feel the aftershocks coming up through the bed for a good few hours and again the next morning. So I put a post up on twitter asking if anyone else could feel it and got about 12 responses people telling me they could and all their different locations on Bali. I felt like a proper agony uncle looking after everyone πŸ˜‚.

Anyway then we needed some sleep Potatoehead the next day.

Well we never ended up going to potatoehead (Don’t Ask).


The next day we headed off up to a rooftop bar we had walked past and had the live acoustic from upstairs blazing out into the street. And it was pretty good so we decided to go in unusually there wasn’t many people there but we Sat down and watched the guitarist, he was top draw.

Honestly though the amount I end up on stage using the guitar you would think I have been running round the world asking everyone for a go. No they honestly keep asking me 🀣 I am well out of tune only know a few songs and haven’t even practiced them properly for about a year. But not one to shy away from a challenge I stepped up and got on at the 2nd time of asking.

Anyway I plowed out a good bit of oasis because that’s what the crowds demanded (all I could remember under pressure πŸ˜‚). Did abit of songbird then the guitar (or me) didn’t seem to know how it went. Then as a finale finished off with wonderwall all shortened versions I am not a show off. Fuck Noel and Liam. Who need them fuckers when the Bishfield is in town.

And I can hear the sceptics among yas, yeah alright mate you can play abit of guitar but you can’t even fucking sing. Well I tell you who else couldn’t sing??? Noddie Fucking Holder. But we all fucking know who is don’t we. Didn’t have a bad singing career all he does it shout “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!! ” I tell you what I can do that, no bother.

Here is a range of clips showcasing my talent…

Later that night we went for some food and got burger and chips, proper no frills school dinner type stuff. Nice though. Then we went back to Motel Mexicola as it was the most liveliest place about so we danced all over the tables for a few hours before heading back.

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