Midget Boxing and Canggu

Midget boxing and Canggu

Midget boxing does exactly what it says on the tin, 2 midgets punching fuck out of each other purely for our entertainment. Straight out of the top draw.

I am genuinely struggling to understand why Eddie Hearn hasn’t put a stable together. I think midget boxing certainly has potential to be a bigger draw than the likes of Anthony Joshua and Connor Mcgregor.

It was a close call as we got there a sign was up saying midget boxing is fully booked and devastated wasn’t the word. I had spent all day excited for this and was getting a little bored of the bars round legian. So I went over and asked because I did Facebook message them the day before asking to reserve a spot. Lady luck smiled on us when some people who had a table booked hadn’t arrived by 7 so we actually got in ended up with pretty good seats.

Anyway what a night it was actually more of a comedy show than actual boxing but it is on 3 times per week. Supposed the midgets need to keep earning a living somehow. At one point the trainers dived into the ring and started smashing the fighting midgets about πŸ˜‚ what a night.

Even better all the money raised went towards Lombok and I bought a t-shirt off them which the money went to the Indonesian midget foundation.


The following day we after a few hours around the pool we moved to our new home in Canggu. After getting ready we headed off to a place called Old Man’s which we had heard about. We expected to get there bright and early to catch happy hour but we had no WiFi in the hotel so just guessed the direction Kayleigh said it wasnt far away. One hour later and after asking several people for directions along the way we arrived at 2 minutes to 6 and missed happy hour. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

On the plus side the place was actually mint and we wanted to play beerpong however when beer pong started we were supposed to have our name down. Fuck knows where we were supposed to put our names there was no information anywhere about it so we couldn’t even play beer pong. We had to watch other people play insteadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wounded.

But overall the night was class and Old Mans bar and Canngu have a proper different vibe to the rest of Bali.

La Brisa

The day after this we went to another beach club called La Brisa. This is at a different part of Canggu called Echo Beach, we chilled there most of the day watching surfers on the sea front then went for food. After searching round Canggu we ended up going back to the Old Man’s πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sense a pattern here but it actually is by far the best place here does mint food and it’s massive always chocker tonight it was alot calmer with just some live music.


The following day was abit of a write off we walked out of the hotel and the sky was cloudy. We then went to a beach club called lawn but it pissed down, because of the weather we left and went for a massage and facial πŸ˜‚. Then got some healthy food before walking back down to… Yes you guessed it! OLD MAN’S. They had a charity night on for Lombok and we caught happy hour this time. As part of the charity night I bought a t-shirt like I did for the midgets. Except this time I needed the t-shirt because I have but that much beef on the shirt I was originally wearing annoyed me it was too tight. Bastard.

Anyway this night we got really drunk and had an argument at the burger shop and with the taxi man but then didn’t know the next day if we were right or wrong. Probably right though taxis are robbing bastards. Good night though.


Our last day in Canggu we spent the full day at Finns. It was all over my insta story. Finns is mint my favourite place in Barley. I mean lots of places in Barleigh are good but I think this one just edges it.

It was also world iron man championships the same day which give me something else to watch in between drinking. Kayleigh was very hungover and on the way there said she wasn’t drinking so I said I wouldn’t either. But after about 20 minutes I changed my mind and got a cheeky bintang in the pool. What a great decision.

My new favourite music is soulful house. Been on the last few nights and it has been mint.

I haven’t put many on recently because of being busy going places and not much hilarious stuff as happened so I am holding out. Then before I know it 4 days has passed and I need to upload a load of pictures and videos but the WiFi is terrible.

Stay tuned on my insta story.

We are now in Seminyak I will try to keep more of a track.

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