Saving Turtles, Little Juninho and Omnia

Turtle Conservation

The next day as we could no longer go to Gili Trawangan where we had been planning in swimming in the sea with turtles we decided to visit Bali turtle conservation and education centre. This is a place that is ran by volunteers, they help injured turtles to recover and collect eggs from beaches where they could be damaged due to tourists stepping on them and hatch them at the centre before releasing them into the wild.

Also you can donate some money and you get to name your turtle and they take you to release him into the ocean. I named my turtle Juninho as he was just a little fella like Juninho and Kayleigh called hers Beyonce because she is a survivor ๐Ÿ˜‚. Unfortunately only 1 in around 1000 turtles make it to past 20 years old because of predators and pollution in the sea. Fingers crossed little Juninho and Beyonce survive. I wanted to get in and swim with them but I knew deep down it was for the best they need to learn to live on their own.

That afternoon we had some lunch and set off to find a pub that had some premier league. Which is actually a pretty challenging task all the sports bars over her watch Australian Rules shite. Absolute shite. Found a bar for the early kick off Newcastle v Tottenham but we actually had to ask n get one of the 10 teles changed over. Premier League has to rule over all this shite even in this part of the world. Then thought I know I will get a cheeky bet on Premier league is backkkk. Oh no I won’t it’s banned by the Indonesian government. Offit in Asia can’t walk down a street without brothels and drugs being offered but put a bet on?? Woahh fella. Ya might lose a fiver we can’t have that.

Anyway on a brighter note the same bar with the footy on has midget boxing on Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Stay tuned on the blog for a spot of midget boxing.


The next day it was up early and off out for Omnia which looked almost as good on pictures as it is in real life. Firstly we headed off for some breakfast and we both got a vegan breakfast board. I obviously added bacon and eggs to mine just to be on the safe side.

Then we headed off to the car park where the bus was supposed to be picking us up. After about 20 minutes looking about baffled we eventually found the bus which was very inconspicuous had the tiniest sign in the window.

PLEASE NOTE – I really wanted to get a private bed in OMNIA and when we got there nothing was available so we were Sat at the bar. I wrote the next piece when I was proper pissed off in the first 30 mins but thought I would keep it for your entertainment๐Ÿ˜‚

Anyway after an hour and a half we eventually got to Omnia and what a fucking disappointment, we wanted to get a bed or loungers but the place had none available. Literally all we could get was seats at the bar which was shit because we couldn’t really leave our stuff and get in the pool etc without taking turns to mind it otherwise our seats would just be taken. Yeah the place was nice and the music was good but for 6 hours there are many beach clubs 10x better than omnia. We even put our names on a waiting list with a 3 million minimum spend but they didn’t even have any of them available. All around the place was shitty reserved signs and empty fucking beds I wouldn’t advise people going 10x better beach clubs about.

What made it worse is that they wouldn’t even let you open the tab in advance so you sit spending before you even get a chance to start spending on your minimum spend if you eventually end up getting a fucking bed. Pissed me right off. Just in case you couldn’t tell already. I am going to tweet Instagram and fuckin pest them with this blog just so they read how fucking shit the place is. Even tried to move to a different seat that was supposedly in the free area and had a fuckin bloke come over saying 500 minimum spend I was like fuck off I’m on a waiting list for a fucking minimum spend now u wna add extra km so I can sit in this seat instead (which was a shit seat by the way). Honest just good views that’s all it has but what’s the point when u cant even chill out and enjoy them or get in the fucking pool. They genuinely just don’t get the crack and waste the venue they have. Fucking idiots man.

Can’t wait to go back to Finns or Potato head.

*PLEASE NOTE – After this point and with some hindsight that was not as bad as I felt it was.

Eventually we got a spot down by the pool although no bed the sun was blazing and the tunes were class I ended duo getting out of my mood and making a day of it although at 4 pm there was still 5 empty beds by the pool with a reserved sign on which was a joke.

Overall the place was good and if we had booked 6 month in advance might and got a be might of enjoyed it more but we were supposed to be on the Gili Islands at this point so we have had to change our plans on the go.

By the end of the night at sunset it was one of the best places I’d ever been the view was unbelievable the big screens reminded me of Ushuaia but on a rooftop with sea views and the tunes were bouncing off the wall. It was actually unreal.

It’s hard for me to admit I was of wrong at first but it would have probably been the best day of my life if we got a fucking bed like the plan was!!!!!

The next day was relatively quiet we went to La Plancha for sunset. Then had an early night.

We were so excited for midget boxing tomorrow.

Tonight it is MIDGET BOXING!!!!

I cannot wait, stay tuned for some I credible footage!!

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