Settling into Bali Life..

Shortly after the last post we went back to the hotel. We are in bunk beds 😂😂. I was on the bottom bunk and Kayleigh goes… “Is that you shaking the bed???” I went “Nor”. She went “are you joking???” I went “Nor”. Anyway after a few minutes of this back and forth she jumped down to check I wasn’t actually doing anything and it happened again. She ran out in a blind panic really we barely felt anything but she took to twitter to find out there was actually a nearby earthquake of 5.1 on the rictor and we were feeling the aftershocks. I was ready for sleep but she was all hyped up so I said away then let’s go to the bar for a drink. Could be our last! (It wasn’t). And can people at home stop panicking, if the shit really does hit the fan I will let you know.

To describe what it felt like i would say being stood on a big high base speaker. Except without the music, just a few vibrations.


The following morning we set off for Finns Beach Club. It only looked a short drive on a map but the traffic was that bad down one road that it took us an hour to get there. On arrival our car was scanned for bombs and bags thoroughly checked. They really take security serious after the bombing years ago.

When we got in the beach club we were greeted by some great house music and got 2 beds. The minimum day spend is 500 IDR which works out about £25 and drinks are reasonable prices. Reminds me of Ibiza. The weather was also mint, it was cloudy but with abit of wind so it was ideal for sitting in the sun all day. To be fair now we can’t go to Gili Trawangan the plan is to hit as many Bali beach clubs as possible. They have around 26.

Anyway we had barely been there for half an hour when the staff come over and said would you like to move for a free upgrade in the double. Out for nout I said yeah no worries so we shuffled off beachside in a big double bed. The sunset was unbelievable and the music kept pumping it was top draw. It got quieter by the beach so another staff member came and asked if we wanted a better spot poolside. We said yeah. Obv.

At 7 happy hour kicked in which meant double bevvy. Yes. Double Davey. I love double Dave. So I swam to the bar and ordered a Bintang expecting 2. Oh no the happy hour is only on Heineken!!! So I wolloped the Bintang quick as possible and tucked straight down into a couple of Heineken, can’t play games during happy hour it’s serious stuff.

Anyway we stayed on and indulged into the night. I think we might have found the best place here on only our 2nd full day!! Even the security even though they scan under the car and are everywhere they are all really discreet and sound not like the normal pricks in boro who think they are the hardest thing since Ron Jeremy’s length, can’t wait to stop people enjoying themselves. Leg and arming you out the door for dancing.

Honestly I am sick of culture now, sick of the sight of ancient temples and what not. A good old fashioned beach club and bevvy was just what is required moving forward.


The next day we just chilled by the pool. We need to work out a new plan of a attack so we booked to stay 5 nights in Legian then Canggu now we can’t to go the Gili Islands anymore. I am very disappointed as out of the whole thing swimming with turtles in Gili Trawangan was the thing I most looked forward too! But you can’t put a price on safety and a lot more people have been stranded on there. The island has no cars so horse and carriage is used alot and I found out that lots of poor horses have been abandoned on the island.

Anyway after all that we found a place the other night that said all you can eat and drink for 99000 IDR basically a cheeky £10 spot. £10 for 4 hours of eating and drinking. I thought nor that can’t be right I’m not having that the man outside was adamant, but that was daft o clock and the deal is 5pm until 9pm. So that night we thought we would have a look. I had low expectations at the prices.

Anyway we got in there and first things first, straight to the bar. They actually let you get 2 drinks at once which they never in BCM Magaloof 2009. Bonus. So with 2 ales in hand we found a seat wolloped one then went to the food counter it was Greek night. I must admit it wasn’t the greekest of offers salad, burgers etc and I think I seen gyros and moussaka so that’s the Greek carry on.

Midway through my first plate I was thinking shit I am getting full here. Before I went in I thought I would easily wollop 3 plates and drink 15 pints but I soon realised I was getting full after plate 1. I thought I am not eating nothing else.

I developed a new gem of knowledge that has previously been undiscovered in this type of environment:

You can get too full to drink. But you can’t get too drunk to eat!!!

Let’s have it right how many pissheads do you see on Linthorpe a road stood in the pizza shop saying or nor I’ve had 15 pints I couldn’t possibly stomach a parmo, a 12 inch Milano and a kebab with 2 plates of garlic and chips. NONE. They are all in the fighting slavering clucking for there takeaway that they fall to sleep on the settee with leaving garlic splattered all over the passage way, living room and kitchen.

We have a been there 😂.

Anyway the food done the trick, wasn’t exactly Michelin Star but away it was never going to be Gordon Ramsey (who’s brother is locked up in a Bali Jail). And the beer was unlimited. A little queue but that’s to be expected. The place was chocker with no seats by 6:30 so speaks volumes. Couldn’t speak highly enough of the place.

Then 7:25 hit and I waddled off to the bar in my element. Only to be confronted by the queue. Have you ever seen immigration in an airport queue line bending around in circles. It was like the post office on giro day. It was the type of situation where I was gna get 2 drinks and get back in the queue drink them on the way round. But I couldn’t because poor Kayleigh was all alone at the table. So I got my 2 and started monitoring the queue from a distance. At the front I noticed lager already poured which was good although the waiting was caused by the till. The till should have been further back, it was slowing me down.

As the time progressed the queue got bigger and bigger it was like airport immigration. Literally needed to get 2 drinks and queue back up by the time you finish your drink you would only be half way down the queue. It was that point we decided to leave.

Not much happened abit of back and forth until we found this bar and there was 1 balinesian looking gentleman dancing around 3 Australian women. It all looked like abit if pesting that could of been swept under the rug. But the women. Were like 50 and one in particular must of paid for him. To be fair she was enjoying herself.

I just want to take a moment to draw attention to trafficked men. I helped trafficked women j Phnom phen went to a few different places but now I am enlightened I am worried about trafficked men. Forced to do things to women for a good price. It’s disgusting 🤢. Tbf the balinese lad was quite big well built and very compliant, he was after financial resources of the Australian women 😂😂.

Not enough is done to help with the plight of trafficked men.

Anyway I have just woke up and it’s time do another beach club called Azul.

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