Earthquake!!! Arriving in Bali

So we touch down in Bali airport and connect to the Internet, just 7 minutes earlier Bali was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami warning was issued. Good stuff.

After reviewing the news and twitter we decided to cancel our 3 nights on Gili Air early enough to get the full refund. Apparently it is a flat island with no hills for tsunami. On a plus side it also meant I wouldn’t have Kayleigh worrying about it in my ear for 3 days!!!

In a serious note though even thought I joke about it hope that people are okay, heart goes out to friends and family of everyone impacted. Looked quite scary with powercuts all over the Gili Islands straight after and everyone on Gili Trawangan sitting in the hills. The powercut stopped alot of them finding out that tsunami warning was lifted and they had to wait until morning. Although I do think alot of the stuff gets very poorly reported as #PrayForBali was trending on twitter and it was choker with people out in the bars enjoying themselves. It basically just sends alot of people who are friends and family into blind panic for no reason. Not my friends though one of the fuckers said and I quote… “That cunt would survive a fucking nuclear blast.” Funny because it’s true, cheers Bliff πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Well anyway after finding out all this carry in and cancelling hotels safe to say we needed a drink. So off we went down the strip at half 10 sober as judges to get clean on the Bintangs. Second bar was 2 floors we went in ordered a cheeky pizza πŸ• then a lad leans over the edge and whitey was almost like a scene out of Kevin and Perry apart from he whiteyed on a ledge instead of Kevin or Perry and I don’t think he was German. Probably more like snakes on a plane but whitey on a ledge.

Day 2

The following day after I had wrote all of the above there was alot of deaths on Lombok so definitely must of been bad over there. All the Gili Islands had started evacuations with the navy too. So although Bali was okay the other Islands have definitely had issues. Having already cancelled Gili Air hotel we might need to cancel Gili Trawangan, we have planned 10 nights on there and it was the part I was looking forward too most so I will be abit wounded if we did cancel it. But then need to look on the brightside still on Bali and still plenty of other options available.

That day we woke up and had some breakfast then went to explore around Kuta and get some dinner. Was relatively quiet really.

Not many jokes or pictures for this one because not much as really happened. Alot of travelling then earthquakes, plus I’ve been wearing a boro top for 3 days people will be thinking what a tramp..

Hopefully no more earthquakes and everybody is safe. Heart goes out to those effected.

Need to reassess a good chunk of this month and get a new plan in place staying mainly on Bali with no Gilis. That also means no swimming with turtles 🐒 but in the grand scheme of it things could be alot worse.

Tomorrow off to Finns Beach Club should be a good one. Normal business will be resuming on the blog.

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