Hanoi.. Part 1

We got dropped off at the station by the family who ran the home stay lovely people even give us a cuddle. Totes emosh. People say the best way to travel Vietnam is by train, not me though I advise flying trains take 5 times as long as at home. The trains aren’t exactly top of the range.

Got to Hanoi and took a little walk around the old quarter, its quite offit round here like each street sells something like one street is street food, one street is pubs, one street sells baby stuff, one sells pots and pans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I don’t think they fully understand the 7 Ps of marketing but I remember seeing somewhere it is something that has continued since it was a communist country. Then one road has a load of pubs on called beer 24, beer 25, beer 26 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ basically just beer and their number along the street. Again I know I have a business degree but don’t think that’s needed to figure out that they definitely haven’t got to grips with the idea of brand differentiation out here.

We were Sat on the pub street about half 10, there was a disabled bloke making his way along the floor he couldn’t use his legs properly and had a little backpack selling chewing gum. He came past our table and initially I said nor its okay. But then after he went I felt so guilty that he was literally limping along the road with a wooden block in one hand and a stick in the other to prevent dragging himself along on the pavement with his hands. I am not saying this to sound like a hero because I done nothing special just decided I would buy some chewy from him. But it really makes you think when he is pulling himself along the ground trying to make a living and not actually begging trying to sell something. Makes you think when people at home never end up working a day in their lives and bumming off the state. Then slightly later a man with no hand come along begging, I honestly thought sell something you how fuckin lazy πŸ˜‚ he can’t even get up off the floor and he is pulling his puddings out down there.

Then even later in the night we sitting at a bar and a man with no arms came along selling chewy. Like what can you do my bag isn’t big enough for that much chewy and I don’t have enough money to help everyone. It’s like give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for life. But you can’t teach selling chewy. Especially to sell chewy to a man who just bought chewy and never even eat any of the chewy he just bought.

The next day we went to the old prison known as the Hanoi Hilton, we always seem to be visiting old prisons they seem to be the biggest attractions in Asia. It was just okay not as good as the other prisons.

After the prison we went to Domino’s and luckily they still do 2 for Tuesday over here so that was a bonus… Then we went for a walk along the lake and seen a Turtle in the lake 🐒 I was buzzing I love turtles. Can’t wait to go see them all in Bali.

Abit more grimmer was big dead fish floating round the end of the lake. Don’t know why they had died. But half way round a Vietnamese lad called Juan stopped us and asked if we could talk to him for 5 minutes to practice his English so we duly obliged he started asking us about food and recommended us trying duck embryos πŸ¦† unsure about this he asked about the food in England so I told him all about parmos. He loved it. Abit better than duck embryos anyway πŸ˜‚

That night just as we went to head out it started pissing it down again. Good stuff. Well I had bought a nice brand new genuine red North Face Jacket for a 5er the night before exactly for this reason. But I never ended up taking it out and got drenched πŸ‘.

Anyway we had to be up early for trip to Halong Bay the next day.

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