Ninh Binh

We had to wake up at 4:30am in order to get our plane from Da Nang to Hanoi. We then took a grab from the airport to Hanoi which took around 2 hours (grab is an app abit like Uber I think I don’t know I have never used Uber but it gets you taxis with a pre agreed price so they cant rip you off and take you the long way round).

In Ninh Binh we booked a small place called Sierra Home stay, this is a family run small hotel. It was good as when we arrived we were greeted by all the different family members who were very friendly and gave us a map to see all the local attractions. Kong – Skull Island was filmed here. Unfortunately it was pissing down so we headed up to the rooftop restaurant which had very nice views of nearby mountains.

After food we took opportunity for an afternoon nap to refresh and hope the weather changed. When we woke up fortunately it had stopped raining so we headed off to the Mua Caves on bikes. The Mua Caves is in a very rural place and when we got there on bikes we were stopped by a bloke telling us to park our bike for 5000 dong but the little prick was having us, as we could park there for free. Now dont get me wrong thats not alot of money but he was stood there blowing a whistle and had a hat on pointing us into the parking space so we just did it. Abit of a joke they just let people sit near an attraction conning people into paying to leave a pedal bike somewhere. The little tramps need to start doing something worthwhile.

Anyway although I have kicked off it was cheap enough and our bikes remained safe. We then headed off into the caves, I found a spring and went through on the way I smashed the top of my head off some rocks. It absolutely knacked. So from then I was I was pretty pissed off and had to head up 500 steps in 90% humidity. Safe to say it was #Mafting. But once we got up the top the views were actually very nice. See some of the pictures below.

The only thing was some of the mad bastards were standing hundreds of feet in the air on little ledges to get pictures. Absolutely off their nuts. Could have easily died and I wouldn’t have even felt sorry for them, proper fuckin idiots. I think he was a Chinese tourist but they clearly have no regard for health an safety over here. At home we would have been guards everywhere shouting get down and probably would have locked him up.

That night we just chilled in the hotel and went to the rooftop restaurant for food. Tam who works at the hotel got his guitar out and we all had a good singalong before we got ourselves off to bed.

The next day we got the bikes out and headed off to Trang An National Park on the bikes. We stopped off at a few spots like this on the way which had people getting their wedding photos took…


When we got into Trang An we got on a little boat and headed off round and then we got off and then it fucking pissed it down. Which to be honest wasn’t too bad we just carried on the trip and got abit wet. The waterway is surrounded by big massive mountains and the views are phenomenal it is quite hard to get the scale of it on the pictures. We headed through the caves to another temple with more people getting wedding photos took.

Then we went over to Skull Island and had a wander about.

We have now had 3 consecutive days off the drink and doing activities. Put alot of extra beef on and needed the break but we are going to Hanoi tomorrow so we will probably get back out on it anyway. Drinking almost every day for a month has taken its toll on me and making me fatter. Most of my shirts don’t fit anymore 😂😂 nightmare, hopefully I will get back into some regular fitness in Australia.

Here is a slideshow of some scenic pictures from Kayleighs camera…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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