Cooking Class and Last Few Days in Hoi An

So after the beach party we had a quiet day round the hostel. We had a plan to pop over to the happy buffalo for some dinner on the happy hour 4 til 6 but unfortunately it was closed on Sundays.

So we got our glad rags on and headed off to the old town for some food and drinks. After a Mojito bucket and a bite to eat we had a wander round the market. After this we heard a rumour down toward the bottom of a river there was a group of pubs that brewed locally brewed beer known as beer hoi that was 4000 Dong (approximately 13p). Apparently it doesn’t have a specific set percentage some days its extra strong some days its abit weaker but you never really know until you have had a good hour or 2 on it. So we (I) headed off to investigate.

After close examination of a number of establishments a number had been identified selling the aforementioned “Fresh Beer” so we (I) headed in to sample. Kayleigh ordered a Tiger Beer which was a very reasonable 15000 Dong (70ish P)I said excuse me young man please may I sample your fresh beer? He duly obliged.

Don’t get me wrong the fresh beer was in a much smaller glass than initially imagined but at those prices it’s not a concern. I tucked straight in, the beer tasted very metallic, I have tasted that flavour in the Real Ales before and paid about Β£4.50 for the privilege. Anyway I soon seen my first glass off so went back up to find the man I said another fresh beer please Squire. He said not much fresh beer left, I said how much is left I will have the lot.

There was 2 more glasses 26p worth. SO I finished the rest of it off for the restaurant as apparently it’s brewed and consumed in the same day or it goes in the bin. After smashing in my 3 glasses I turned round to Kayleigh and said.. “Babe will you do me a favour…?” She said: “What?”.

I said… “Borrow me 39p?”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

To my surprise she actually did. What a gorgeous human being. Absolute heart of gold.

Anyway after this we headed off to the a Irish bar nearby because there was a band on. It is probably the best place along the riverside so I treat myself to a locally brewed craft ale which was 100 Dong. It was awful in this temperature especially was roasting half way down πŸ˜‚. Think il stay off over priced craft ales when the fresh stuff is about. I got straight back in the Larue which is the main drink down these parts just a normal lager. It was very refreshing.

Basket Boats and Cooking Class

Like I said this blog wasn’t all piss ups and parties. Being a very cultured young man today we decided to do a half day trip that included a traditional basket boat ride, a spot of crabbing then a cooking class.

We had a little wonder around a market and got told what all of the stuff was before getting a wooden boat to the coconut trees. From there we jumped in the wooden basket boat. Basket boat driver went abit crazy n thought we were on the walzers she was spinning us all over. She was off her rocker singing Oley Oley Oley Oley πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸ˜‚.

Then we done a spot of crabbing and watched a man dance in the boat and do some fishing. We done well and caught about 10 crabs in total.

After this it was on to the cooking class. We made spring rolls, papaya salad, rice pancakes and a spicy fish dish. Being quite the chef at home I duly delivered on preparing the best spring rolls I have ever tasted the rest was decent. We eat that up and it was back to the hostel.

We popped back into the old town and found a new bar that was highly ranked on trip advisor called Guitar Hawaii. We had barely been in about 2 minutes but they started asking if we could play. I said look mate can I play, pass me that guitar you have over there, I will show you who can play.*

So I got up on stage and smashed the guitar out like Ed Sheeran could only dream of. Anyway you can see just some of my musical talent below..

* Please consider the motto of the blog is to never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Some minor exaggerations may occur when in text format.

After a night on the drink our last full day in Hoi An we rented some bikes and went back down to the old town. We bought entry to the old houses and sight seeing places, wasn’t too great to be fair but kept us busy.

On the way back I needed a haircut so decided to stop at a local barbers for a haircut. I was there for about half an hour and no barber showed up but Kayleigh was getting her nails done. As the barber was nowhere to be seen I found a spa place that done haircuts.

Well my first Vietnamese haircut was definitely an experience. I told her to cut the sides shorter 3 times after which it still wasn’t as short as I wanted but it was short enough. But the entertainment comes shortly after when she done the top she opted for clippers over scissors βœ‚. In a technique I have not seen used before it was literally abit of hair in the comb then clipped off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ or well ya win some ya lose some in the haircut game over here.

On a brighter note she did call me very handsome, that is the 3rd time in 3 weeks over here. I don’t think anyone has called me handsome in the last 29 years at home. My good looks are very underappreciated in Middlesbrough.

The final night here was just a quiet one as we had been the old town a good few nights in a row. I am actually finishing the post off at half 11 in the room.

Its off too Da Nang tomorrow. This is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam and our hotel is on the beach only booked 2 nights but we have 4 spare so just going to see how it goes.

I have a few more videos and pictures to get on the blog but the wifi is playing up. I will get them on when I get the chance or check out the instagram posts below.

Some extra lifestyle shots by Kayleigh…

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