Hoi An – Old Town and Beach Party

On our first full night here we went back into the old town the old town shuts quite early so we didn’t really go too wild. We got there and took a gondola along the river before going to sit in an Irish bar on the other side of the river. We basically went to an Irish bar for a few hours then a little rooftop bar. We were suprised as when we went to he Irish bar the place was choker then at half 10 it was really quiet apart from a few bars.

Someone also proposed in the Irish bar which was lovely. If anyone thinks that I could be doing that on this trip I would just like to set the record straight. I’m not.

The following day we went down to An Bang Beach πŸ– we thought it was meant to be a pool party although it wasn’t a pool party there was actually work men grafting around fitting the flooring around it πŸ˜‚ but the place had free cocktail tasting session. And actually had some decent music so we chilled around there for the day.

Something has changed in me I have actually started having beer with ice in. Now before you all start calling me a wierdo just hear me out. Firstly it’s red hot everywhere so a bottle gets roasting after being out a few minutes so you can keep it cold. It also gets abit flatter which most people will be very offended by, “Urghhh, flatter beer why would anyone want that?” I can hear you thinking.

Well actually out of cold flatness and warm fizziness the colder tastes better. But also as it is abit flatter it goes down easier which means I can actually drink more. And for those poor souls who know what Lanzoparazole is it actually stops me getting heartburn. I think I have found a massive breakthrough. Although I don’t believe it is a habit I will be bringing back home with me, our pints and air temperature is cold enough I wouldn’t write it out completely.

Anyway basically after food and stuff Kayleigh was really tired so went back to the hostel and I got a game of Footy Manager on with Arsenal. Top of the league 6 games in unbeaten returning them to their former glory. #WengerOut I will keep you upto date with my football manager game as we go. Like I’ve said before Brian Clough isn’t the only man from Grove Hill to win 2 European Cups.

Anyway the next day we chilled round the pool and went to Shore Beach club again but later on the night. This time they had set a full stage off and finished building the flooring around the pool.

I think it’s the first time they have tried this beach party carry on and I have to say what a sublime effort. And they actually had some very good funky soul house tunes going off on the beach. (Well the event was called funky soul but that means nothing here, I went to a place called guitar bar once but there wasn’t a guitar in sight just a fat old laptop people could pick songs off YouTube. I think my feelings on that are well documented). Anyway Kayleigh was initially apprehensive about going down to the beach and preferred it in the restaurant but I tempted her up with some of my slick dance moves. JT watch your back….

Our mate Lee from our quiz team came down. To meet us for a few drinks and the beach party. The beach party was actually class it was only about 200 people but the atmosphere was unreal. Also drink were only like 50 VND which is about Β£1.50, which is spot on considering what you get and no entry fees. Makes me think what are we doing wasting all of our money in Ibiza had a mint full night out for less than Β£30 including, a meal! And this was at an expensive place aswell.

One highlight was when the chef came down with his chef hat and pin on and got on the stage bopping all over the place.

4 Koreans on the beach next to started shotting out some unbelievable shapes… Feast your eyes on this…

Granted the last few nights haven’t been as funny as being took against our will to a handicap factory, being forced to roll down short shorts or people dropping the babies off right in front of our faces, it’s hard to maintain that level of comedy to be honest πŸ˜‚. But if nothing else I will do my best. You my loyal readership deserve as much x

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