Hoi An

Well firstly this flight was hilarious, I was on the isle and Kayleigh in the middle she Sat next to a Vietnamese man who brought food on the plane 😂😂 it absolutely stunk like smelly feet then he kept putting his foot on her half of the floor under her seat 😂 and knocked her elbow off the full time. I couldn’t stop laughing, what a flight.

We arrived in Hoi An to be collected by our taxi driver at the airport who brought us straight here only to find it was free beer 6 until 7 in the hostel so that worked out a storm at 8 it was the quiz.

The Hostel is called Paddys and is also an Irish bar 🍀☘️

We had met a guy called Lee at the bar who had quite abit of crack so when they asked for the team name he said Yo Mama. Vert high brow I know personally I was thinking goodallovertheplace.com but we went with Yo mama.

Luckily our team Lee and the 2 Irish girls Laura and Lisa all ended up being clever as fuck. We whooped ass and ended up winning over £300,000. Well it wasnt pounds it was dong so about 15 quid. Over here tho 15 quid is big big money it lasted all 5 of us a good 3 hours.

We got the hostel shuttle bus that took us to a bar that was buy one get one free. That sounds great but in practice 15 of us rammed into a 7 seater in one of the most humid climates on the planet was Warm. We stayed on and went to a place called hair of the dog at nearly 11pm I thought abit late for that but hey ho.

Anyway as time past we Sat outside and pissed all of our winnings up the wall. It really turned out one of the best nights I’ve ever arrived at somewhere. Not only are we reigning defending champions we have a few new friends and free breaky the next day. Life is good.

After a good few bevvies I went to the van and it some street food for the first time on the trip. It was lovely but I am getting brave now and willing to take more risks!!! Need to get chizzled for Bali somehow 😂

Really like this Hostel so far.

The following day we spent a few hours around the pool then decided to rent a bike and head down into the picturesque village of Hoi An.

Upon arrival this looked like a really beautiful place like a Vietnamese version of York or similar to Florence. We took a few pictures by the river.

Whilst taking a few snaps I hear Kayleigh running over to me shouting “urrgghhh, that man is having a shit”. I looked around and upon closer inspection he was indeed having a shit. By the side of the river, opposite a row of restaurants in broad daylight at 1:30 in the afternoon 😂😂. Squatting by the river dropping the young children off stood up straight after wandering about with just a t-shirt in and his bits hanging about all over the place. Honestly I wouldn’t even be able to make some of this stuff up.

I am assuming this is some crazy bloke or he was busting and just had to let one out. Hopefully it’s not common behaviour in these parts. I am still haunted after Kayleigh said “Or mt God that is absolutely disgusting he just came down and did it I seen it coming out and everything!” 😂😂

What a place.

People are probably reading this thinking I bet he is blowing it out of proportion but I kid you not. This shit writes itself \, quite literally in this case 😂.

After that we popped for some lunch at one of the aforementioned riverside restaurants. Kayleigh didn’t eat much of hers.

Anyway afterwards we took a little cycle around town before heading off in the opposite direction for the beach. We had a little wander along then came back to the hostel. Needed to make sure we were ready for the free beer between 6 and 7, then tonight they are doing a free buffet for everyone called family meal.

Here are some scenic shots from the good camera of the local vicinity, got 6 more nights left to make the most of it. Would definitely recommend Vietnam if people get the chance very nice little place.

Hoi An Town

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