Cu Chi Tunnels & Another Rooftop Bar

Cu Chi Tunnels

Well booked a day trip to go see the Cu Chi tunnels which are almost 2 hours away from where we are staying. As we set off I thought they would probably crack on and get us there sharpish to have a tour round the tunnels and learn some more about the Vietnam War.

Well they were in no rush, they decided to take a detour to the handicapped workers factory. They certainly didn’t mention this at the time of booking. Basically we learnt about these marble pictures made with cracked duck eggs had been made and then got took into a shop to buy them. Now don’t get me wrong I think it’s great that they have found jobs for the handicapped workers, and the pictures they made were very good. But I know when I am being fleeced, no way are they guilting me into buying that shit and it’s too heavy for my bag anyway.

So after the factory eventually it was off to the tunnels. This was actually quite a good experience it’s about the normal town of Cu Chi which after coming under attack during the war built a load of tunnels under the ground to evade bombing and capture by the US.

Some of the stuff they done just to stay alive was crazy they dug a full underground town living in little tunnels. They actually dug a tunnel that far across they went under the US military Base miles away and used to sneak in on a night to pinch guns and food. They were also very resourceful on a night going up and collecting unexploded US bombs and turning them into mines. They were very resourceful people and also used car tyres to make Sandles and had medical facilities below ground. Some of the traps they made for American soldiers out of bamboo sticks were very clever, it was like stuff out of home alone. They had one that swung down from the door but could have been stopped by a gun so they built a hinge on it so if a gun stopped it the spikes would still go bang, right in the baby making area.

Mental to think how resilient they were with the majority surviving a 17 year bombing campaign and just cracking on digging and living in tunnels. At home people have fanny fits if someone accidentally bumps into them on a night out, these just dig holes avoid bombings then nick weapons n set traps.

Then after the tunnels we got back into town it was 7pm our last night in Ho Chi Minh and the loonatic was trying to take us all to his mates restaurant for fuckin noodle soup. At that point we got out the bus n walked home. Spending our last night here in some hut eating some random noodle soup that we didn’t want or ask for.

Last Night in Ho Chi Minh

Anyway we got home got changed and went out for an Indian. 2 full meals for 6 quidish. Was nice actually.

We found the Chinese me in a bar asleep on the floor. I was really impressed with his work.

Then on our way home we looked at this massive building with strobe lights off the top thought hang on a minute what’s going on up their? Looks like a bar, went to the front of the building and it said no shorts 😂. So I said excuse me can I come in with these on? She goes yeah if you roll them down 😂😂😂

John Cena

Looked like a 29 year old John Cena running about the place saying you can’t see me 🤭

Anyway we went to get the lift up and for the second time this week I got called handsome by a bloke (the security man taking us to the lift). I also got called handsome by a bloke on immigration at the airport in Cambodia 😂😂 immigration people calling people handsome this is unheard of!

So twice Chinese women have got pictures with me and twice I’ve been called handsome by men. Fucking love it here me. Kayleigh is wounded 😂. I am smashing it to bits out here, absolutely wasted at home 😂

The bar was called Chill Sky Bar and was bouncing normally sky bars have a very chilled vibe but this place was going offit.

Anyway got up the top view was unbelievable it wasn’t cheap mind you. Anyway she got a cocktail I treat myself to a Mexican beverage called Corona. We were planning on going home so stayed for another. I went to pay not checking the bill but knowing I had put enough. It come back he had smashed an extra drink on the bill, well he soon found out those tricks don’t work on me. Get this sorted and say goodbye to your tip. (I wasn’t gna give him a tip anyway the greedy fuckers already add a service charge!) 😂😂 But it’s not the sort of tricks you would be expecting for an upper class establishment charging nearly 6 sheets for a corona over this side of the world.

Anyway being the gentleman that I am I let it lie.

We got a few pictures and actually after nearly going home on abit of a downer it was a very good night thanks to finding the rooftop bar.

I am laying in bed now finalising some of this its nearly 2:30am. We fly tomorrow was supposed to be an early one, I am almost packed so wouldn’t mind but the free breaky finished at 10 so I need to get up at 9 😂.

Ho Chi Minh you have been splendid.

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