Ho Chi Minh – War Remnants Museum and Rooftop Bar

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Last few days have been relatively quiet we went to watch the England game then had a quiet night. Disappointing result but best finish of an England team in my lifetime and with the youth players coming through I actually think it does stand a reasonable chance of coming home in the next 10 years although think we might struggle with climate in Qatar against the South Americans.

We went to the War Remnants Museum which was actually very good although quite gruesome to look back on the Vietnam War. The main focus of the museum is the use of a chemical weapon called Agent Orange on the fields of Vietnam by American Soldiers the chemical caused people to develop severe physical and mental disabilities and continues through to 4th generation family members of those impacted. Also including American Soldiers who had contact with it. Pretty bad considering the museum includes pictures of those effected small children which was very hard hitting although makes you realise what they went through. Bearing in mind this war went on for 17 years almost double the length of world war 1 and 2 combined.

It was the first I had heard about most of this and the Museum is written from the perspective of the Vietnamese so is biased towards them although the did suffer the most deaths. Makes you think that people like Assad are using chemical weapons on their own people still in this day and age. The world can be quite a brutal place at times.

After this we jumped into a taxi and asked to our hotel Alagon Central he took us to Saigon Centre a big shopping centre 😂 so we thought we may aswell just get out anyway for a look. We ended up buying some cheese ice-cream 🧀 🍦 yes you heard right cheese ice ream, I thought it might be like cheese cake and taste nothing like cheese but it did!! Really had to explain but it’s opened up doors for great business opportunities back home like parmo ice-cream. After the first few tastes it is actually quite nice, it’s the future. Also in the shopping centre a random Chinese girl stopped me for a picture 😂😂 2nd time it’s happened so far on the trip, think I must be famous over here, the blog must have took off!!


We were supposed to be doing a Mekong Delta and Cu Chi tunnels tour but Kayleigh booked the wrong date on my card 🙈 luckily we can cancel hopefully il get refunded soon! To be fair I didn’t feel too well yesterday and still don’t feel great today so might be a blessing in disguise.

We are going to leave the Mekong Delta now and just do a shorter tour of the tunnels one afternoon. As it is rainy season anyway the Mekong Delta could end up on a bad day so not worth the chew on.

We also booked flights to Da Nang on Wednesday near Hoi an it looks like an ancient city Vietnamese version of York or something. Looking forward to getting there. Staying at a Hostel called Paddys which is an Irish bar aswell and has a pool so that will do for me £10er each a night.

Anyway I think I’m having a couple of days off the drink whilst I regroup and start feeling better. (Nightmare it’s just a temperature and swollen glands not what you are all thinking).


Yesterday we ended up sleeping in until 12 trying to kick this feeling of not being too well. We ended up having a quiet day.

On the night I decided it was time to try and fight it so we went down to book street then up to a rooftop bar called Social Club, it was much better than the Social Clubs in Boro that’s all I can say. I have put a little video of this on instagram underneath. Running out of blog space for videos so I will keep putting them on insta.

Then we went back down the crazy walking street! Seen a little kid literally sat on back of a taxi getting a lift down the street she must have only been about 3. Mental over here. Honest we had been stood at a traffic light the other day waiting to cross, which they dont really care about anyway so still need to avoid all the bikes crossing the road, then looked over the other side of the lights one of the motorbikes flew up the pavement on the otherside and waited at the crossing so had motorbikes on the road coming at us then coming at the otherside of the crossing.. I thought Grove Hill was bad 😂😂.

Anyway our last big event is the Cu Chi Tunnels, tunnels built during the war I dont really know much about yet, probably wont do a post on it. We are off to Hoi An next.

I do have a post coming up on the state of English Football and the England Football Team so keep an eye out for that one. Some very in depth analysis coming your way.

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