It’s Not Coming Home :(

We are off to Ho Chi Minh tomorrow so I thought I would do a little review of Phnom Pehn, firstly I must say it is nowhere near as good as Siem Reap which was one of the best places I have been. And the bevvy prices shot up plus everything is really spread out so it doesn’t have one mental place to go or we didn’t end up finding one.

We went out to watch the world cup finals at a bar called Score Bar and went for the England match last night. Then a few pals I had met at the hostel back in Siem Reap piled in the pub out of nowhere Ste and Connor #Legends. I thought they had went home for some reason from Siem reap but they were in representing, turns out they aren’t going home for a while.

Ste, Connor, Me

When Trippier banged the free kick home we genuinely did believe it was coming home, Kayleigh had went to the toilet and when she got back she said… “wheres my drink?” and “wheres my chair?” Well fuck knows it went fucking mental. I think they had been sacrificed to the footballing gods.

Anyway I ended up mangled and can’t really remember much of the night. But eitherway it was a good showing at this World Cup and the most excited I have ever been, I cant believe we got in touching distance of the final, but lets not blow it out of proportion we only beat some bang average sides and there is still a lot of work to be done before the Euros which will be much harder than this world cup. Looking forward to some club football starting again now.

Our last night we have just had a quiet one down Basac Lane. To be fair 5 nights is probably abit too long in Phnom Pehn. Cant wait to get to Vietnam tomorrow and get down the Bar Street in Ho Chi Min it looks off the fucking rictor.

I expected to get a cheeky bout of dysentery in Cambodia but unfortunately I havent, the plan was to get the shits and lose some weight but I have actually ended up getting fatter. Got another 2 month of getting tanked up im going to be a fat mess in Bali now. Fucksake man, anyway I think this next hotel has a gym I better pop in.

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