Arrival in Phnom Pehn

Arrival in Phnom Pehn

After a nasty 6 hour bus journey from Siem Reap we arrived at Phnom Pehn. We had a little bonus here in that breakfast was included with the hotel cost which we didn’t realise and it didn’t say on the email.

After we got in we got changed and headed out to the riverfront, we didn’t really have any idea what to do here so we just guessed after a quick google. We went to a few good bars but this was the first night off the drink, we still sampled a few bars it doesn’t seem to have a main party street like Bangkok or Siem Reap everything seems much more spread out.

Anyway the first night we found a couple of decent bars on the riverfront and got some food. Later on we thought a few of the streets looked quite brightly lit and busy, we walked down only to realise we had stumbled upon what appeared to be the red light district. Full of young women sat outside bars and the occasional westerner haha. Fully broffled right up.

After realising what we done we got a tuk tuk back to the hotel ready for a full day round the pool feeling fresh.

Day 2

Today we got up early to go sample the breakfast and get round the pool all day. Ended up getting a little sunburn but it was decent.

I was watching worky men on the roof of a building near the hotel they worked in flip flops, no hard hats and no barrier round the edge of the building. Just goes to show health and safety has gone mad in the UK, I was watching them for a good hour and no one fell off or dropped anything on their toes.

Later that night we went on a cruise along the Tonle Sap, this was another freebie off the hotel which was a bonus. We cruised down the river whilst having a few cold ones, there is some nice buildings here although it isn’t as good as the other places with everything seemingly spread out or really quiet. We then went to Bassac Lane which is a part with a few quirky bars and restaurants, we got some food then went to the London Bar and the Red Bar.

We only had a few and went home early has we had a day booked to S21 Prison and the Killing Fields early doors the next day… I will do a separate post on this one, probably might be abit more depressing than the rest of the trip so far!

Sunset Rivercruise…


Some pictures…



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