Something is coming home…


It was 1am on Sunday the 9th of June over here, but at home there was a massive sense of something coming, I imagine at that point people had been unable to identify what was coming home but they knew something was.

Then it happened, England v Sweden the night the boys became men.


Hands down the best night of the trip so far.

So for the match we went out and found the best pub with the biggest screens called score bar and it was chocker with England fans. Coincidentally there was actually 3 of us all from Middlesbrough next to each other at the bar, and we ended up having some crack with a lad that lived in boro. The bar was that busy he bought a bottle of goose for us all. My Hero.

We also got a couple of big towers of lager and I was smashing the pints out of it all day from about 1 at the pool party then smashed a load more down me for the big one.

Bang – Harry McGuire 1 nip it fucking erupted.

Followed by another cheeky one from Dele Alli.

Through to the semi-finals for the first time since I was 2 years old, absolutely incredible scenes. And we made it look easy!

Had a good sing along after the match with all the other England fans in the bar. Please see some of the videos for a sample of how it all went down.

It is nearly complete, it is nearly so sweet….

I am now in Phnom Pehn and they have another Score Bar here I know where I am going Wednesday. I will be wearing my England top which I still haven’t washed its too lucky.

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