First Few Nights in Cambodia

After a lovely turbulent flight with Thai Smiles airway in which we were up in the air around 40 minutes and the staff still had time to come round and serve everyone a free meal we didn’t expect we finally landed in Cambodia 🇰🇭

Upon arrival the hotel was much quieter than Kayleigh was expecting as she was really worried it could have been a party going on. After getting ready it was straight to the rooftop bar for a cheeky livener. I couldn’t believe my ears when I found it was on 1 US dollar a beer.

After the one we headed off into pub street only to find places selling beer for 50 cent!!! That is like 37p per beer. To put it into perspective I could get 20 beers for around £7.50 sterling. It was at this point all my Christmases come at once.

The plan was to have a quiet one then 4am rolled round 😂

Well it was to be expected under the circumstances. In the end Kayleigh had out partied everyone at the hostel and we went for a quick snack at the 24 hour bar.

The second night was the England v Columbia 🏴󐁧󐁢󐁥󐁮󐁧󐁿 match we went out for some food and I went abit risky and got a steak it came out still alive. Safe to say I didn’t eat that. I ended up getting a bacon and egg bun back at the hotel which was actually mint with proper English bacon.

We Sat in the sky bar for the game won on penalties… Incredible stuff.

A few people have been chasing me up on the blog because I haven’t had much time so I will try to get one up tomorrow with more pictures and videos.

On route to Phnom Penh now posted this on the WiFi at a little cafe.

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