So it begins… BANGKOK

First Night

Right I am not going to lie that was a nasty long 25 hour journey with barely any sleep, I was beginning to think it wasn’t worth the hassle. Absolutely paggered.

To top it off we got to the train station in Bangkok called Paya Thai, then jumped on another train 2 stops down, dragging big backpacks in melting humidity, jumped in a taxi and the taxi drove back past the first station we got off at in the first place #ChewOn #Mafting.

Anyway after a day and a half of travelling we got to the hotel had a quick shower and popped out for some food, I got a Hawaiian Pizza not something I would normally do but I thought fuck it I am on my holidays, why not indulge myself in the local cuisine.

Had a few drinks down Khao San Road then went to bed. Khao San Road is abit to mental for jetlagged mofos like us. For those who haven’t been it is mental they have bars on each side of the road blasting out brutal hard house/ hard trance/ hard techno they try to outdo each other with volume. When you are walking down the middle it literally frazzles your head.

At this point it was time for bed. We did have a pool party to prepare for after all…


Sofitel SO Pool Party

We got that excited we arrived at the pool party at half 12, it didn’t actually start until 1, as such eager beavers we were pretty much the first ones there which helped us get some time and a few good pictures.

I am not going to lie however after the first 10 minutes we nearly walked out, I don’t know why but they have barely any sun loungers and any they did have already got booked out. So you can imagine me “It’s a fuckin joke this lets go back!!”. Well we persevered and actually ended up nabbing some sunloungers.

The music at the start of the day was quality deep house type sessions but I don’t know what goes on over here, it starts getting late and they dig out all the most terrible nasty poorly mixxed music I have ever heard, it makes Makina sound tame. Lets just say I don’t think Ibiza will be too worried at this stage.

So we did have a good day here but we decided to shoot abit later on in the night, I had something nice to eat. I have a video to upload but here is a sneaky preview…


Last night in Bangkok

After a heavy day drinking the last day in Bangkok was more of a chilled one around the pool and in the room but we booked a rivercruise for our last night. We paid for a table up on the open top deck but 20 minutes before we got on it decided to piss it right down so we got shifted inside. Luckily the rain stopped and we could get a few decent pictures out on the deck.

I didn’t think I would get homesick so quickly but on the cruise there was some woman doing karaoke and she was that bad she made me miss the Clevo.

Next stop is Siem Reap, I will let you know how we get on…


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