York Races – Leaving Do

Firstly what a beautiful day with some beautiful people, I had 1 winner in the last race of about 12 quid after I had already lost much more than that. Moving on swiftly, thanks for coming gentlemen it was an absolute pleasure.

To those not in attendance please see the pictures below. It was a great day.

Right, now to tackle the issue of drop outs.

To everyone who dropped out and said they were coming, your not getting off that lightly your dog shit excuses like “I have got the kids” or reckon your depressed and shit, or even worse your a greedy cunt and went to work instead. You have knew the crack for many months. Many months. You owe me a drink on Sunday, no excuses. Get to the fucking bar.

  • The lads in Hamburg get a pass hope you have a good trip.
  • Woz gets a pass because of his leg op.
  • Skinny Pete gets a pass because he is on his holidays.
  • And Jack at his brothers stag do.

Everyone else can get to the bar.

Hungry Horse 11am Sunday, be there or be talked about.

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