#6 POA – Australia – Melbourne

In September after 2 month of travelling we finally touch down in Melbourne!

This is when shit gets real, we just have 1 week booked to help acclimatise then its moving into the hostel and we have 3 weeks to find a job. After these 3 weeks we don’t have anything else planned it is just a case of see what happens.

It is also still abit cold in Melbourne at this point which I will miss after 2 months, a few months chill before Christmas and New Year in Sydney (hopefully).

As for Melbourne I don’t really know much other than it was voted the worlds most liveable city for 7 years on the trot (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-16/melbourne-named-worlds-most-liveable-city-for-seventh-year/8812196). If your bailing the boro then it might aswell be for the best place in the world I suppose. It also has a park called Albert Park so I shouldn’t really get home sick, I will just pop over Albert Park should sort the job out although Melbourne has a low crime rate, I am guessing our Albert Park probably has a pretty fucking high crime rate tbf.

Some of the other things I want to do whilst I am in Melbourne apart from go to Albert Park are:

  • Helicopter Ride (if Kayleigh isn’t too scared!)
  • Zoo
  • Street Markets
  • Flemington Races
  • Kildas Beach
  • River Cruise
  • Skydeck

And everything else there is to do!

Unfortunately after all of this carry on I will need to get a job, no idea what yet but I will be running out of cash quickly.

I might even need to have a whip round and do a just giving page. Don’t be shy get your hand in your pockets. I need bevvy.


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