#5 POA – Bali and Gili Islands

The final stage of the travelling will be to Bali and the Gili Islands, this is hands down the part I am most looking forward to.

The first stop is Kuta, I was informed in quite a derogatory way that Kuta is “abit like Magaloof” now anyone who knows me knows I fucking love Magaloof so this was like music to my ears. After sampling the cultural delights of Halong Bay this is time to start going ruthless for a few days.

After 5 nights in Kuta I am going to the Gili Islands, I will be spending 2 nights on Gili Air then 10 nights on Gili Trawangan.

The main thing I will be doing here is swimming with turtles they have a place called Turtle Point, I want a picture of me in the sea with the turtles once I have done this my life will finally be complete.

I am thinking about doing a cheeky diving course on Gili T otherwise it is just chilling. The hostel I am staying at is called Broken Compass, I have been following it on Instagram @brokencompassindo and it looks class, something on every day/night and it does Sunday dinners. I cannot wait for a Sunday Dinner, I will be missing O’Connells by this point so it will come in quite handy. I will bang a pic on insta.

After this we head inland in Bali to a place deep in the mountains called Ubud. This is when we do some cultural things like visit temples, the Elephant Cave and go to Monkey Forest. It looks class here and after 3 weeks I will be sick of the beaches. Well we wont because we will be going back there.

For the final part of this trip we will be spending 5 nights in Legian, apparently a slightly more upmarket area next to Kuta (think Palma Nova). There is a load of beach clubs around these parts such as Potatohead, Finns and Omnia which we will be frequenting. The hotel here actually looks like one of the best in Bali and also has pool parties The One Legian.

Overall Bali and the Gilis will take around 4 weeks and it is definitely the part we are looking forward to the most.

After this we head off to Melbourne and need to get back in the real world and get a job! #NIGHTMARE

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