#3 The Plan of Action – Cambodia: Phnom Pehn

Phnom Pehn is the Capital City in Cambodia, to be honest we haven’t really researched much of this place but other than the standard tours the biggest thing we will be doing is visiting the Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum.

Cambodia has abit of a dark history for those who don’t know a political party named the Khmer Rouge ran by Pol Pot actually took control of the country and caused one of the largest genocides in human history. So we are planning on visiting the Killing Fields which is an important part of Cambodian history. Having previously been to Aushchwitz I know this sort of stuff can be quite heavy but also interesting to understand what has happened from a perspective within the country. Doing things like this make you realise how good we have it actually being born in England outside of the World Wars.

Don’t get me wrong Middlesbrough has its issues but at least we haven’t had any problems on this scale over the past 100 years! Honest it will get much more cheery than this as we progress Bali is all sunshine and rainbows!

So enough of the depressing stuff, like I said before I hear the Ale is extremely cheap in Cambodia so I am hoping a lot of decent bars and clubs are doing plenty.

Whilst here we are staying at Okay Boutique hotel which looks very authentic has a rooftop pool and you can watch the sunset over the grand palace. I assume if we are not out and about we will be up here for sunsets most nights. I will get some pictures up when I get there.

After this stage of the trip its off to Vietnam!!!

We are spending just over 3 weeks in Vietnam starting at Ho Chi Minh and working our way up to Hanoi visiting a few places in between.

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