#2 The Plan of Action – Cambodia: Siem Reap

2 words… FUNKY FLASHPACKERS – https://funkyflashpacker.com/

This is a party hostel we are staying at and Kayleigh is scared, too scared to party and enjoy herself for 6 nights. But that’s fine I am sure I will manage to enjoy plenty of cheap ale with some randomers and watch the World Cup (the website says the hostel has a cinema so should be spot on for seeing out the group stage). I am 30 in November so this really is the last of my youth and I shall be making the most of it. Mark My Words.

Angkor Wat

In Siem Reap the main tourist thing to do is go and watch the sunrise at Angkor, this is definitely one of the things I want to get done early on in the trip. Apparently it’s the largest religious monument in the world and a former Hindu/Buddhist temple built in the 12 Century (see this blog isn’t going to be all colourful language and pictures I am actually here to educate the masses).

It was also featured in Tomb Raider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb7ezWhWK1s (abit of Lara Croft for the lads who don’t like to be educated).

The Rest of Siem Reap

To be honest this is the main thing I am planning on doing and will be checking on some other excursions once we get there. There is a lot of temples and activities such as quad biking I will probably crack on with.

The other main thing I want to do is go to Pub Street. For those who know me know I am a big fan of pubs, so I am assuming a street with a load of pubs on will be right up my street (so to speak). I hear the ale in Cambodia is CHEAP, I am talking like pennies per pint so a large portion of my time will be spent between pool parties, temples, pub street and watching the world cup.



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