#1 Introduction and Plan of Action – Bangkok

#1 Introduction and Plan of Action – Bangkok


I have had quite a few people ask where I am going and what I am actually doing, although I am going to Australia for a year I don’t actually get there until 2nd September 2018 but I set off on 28th June.

In fact the main reason I am writing this blog is to actually help me remember what I do every day because when I get back next August all of the stuff I have done will be a year ago so I will have probably forgot big chunks of it. So basically I am keeping everyone up to date with what I am doing plus I can look back on it and remember what has actually happened!!! So I will give you a place by place breakdown of where I am going and some of the big things I plan on doing.

The majority of these first few posts are just going to be quick overviews of what I am doing because a lot of it will be doing whatever comes up when I am out there. On top of writing about the places I go I will give updates on other things, maybe a few book reviews. I have just got Footy Manager 2018 so I might keep you updated on my progress on that too. I might even have a few rants about the World Cup and the Boro.

Kayleigh will be taking her top of the range camera along so I will be publishing a lot of pictures along the way.

It all just depends on how busy I am and what I feel like doing. You can subscribe along the bottom to get updates when I post so I would suggest doing this. I think people will get sick of me rubbing it in on Facebook so this will be a better place for me to put all my shit.

Plan of Action – Bangkok

Bangkok is hands down the best city I have ever been too! But I have been 4 times now so the plan is not to stay long just 3 days to adjust to the time differences etc. It is that big of a city that there is still a lot of things available for me to do there. I am staying at a place on Koh San Road (I usually stay in posh hotels because they are a bargain, but on this occasion we are slumming it on the backpacker area).

Day 1 the plan will just be arrive around 8pm and get some rest after the hours travelling, maybe pay 50 baht for a Pad Thai and a few quiet beverages watching the carnage unfold and maybe eat a cheeky scorpion or grasshopper.

The second day is Sofitel SO Pool Party, I haven’t been to this before but from the video it looks like a decent big party to kick off the trip…


The day after this the plan is to recover and maybe pop around a few temples and get pictures at places such as Wot Arun and the Grand Palace. We might also take a river cruise down the Chao Phraya.

The final day in Bangkok will likely be chilling around the pool before catching the flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia. Having never been to Cambodia before I have picked a party hostel that seems abit mental.

Wolloping a Scorpion on Khao San Road in Bangkok 2014

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